Government Reporting

Custom built methodologies for data transmission

RLDatix has extensive experience with providing comprehensive and configurable state-wide reporting systems for whole of government solutions within Australian healthcare.

Government Reporting

The RiskMan Suite provides functionality for multiple state-wide reporting systems, encompassing all acute and non-acute health services, aged care and emergency services.

Other whole of government solutions includes reporting for staff incidents, community services, disability, community housing and mental health.
The RLDatix team has worked directly with government departments to produce custom built methodologies for data transmission from the RiskMan Suite to the respective departments for enhanced reporting.
These methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-directional API (Application Programming Interface) that includes data transmission  management and control of data being sent.
  • Custom built data transmission management functionality  via secured web services to an external repository.
  • Export data via external systems using SFTP to transfer a CSV file, or through SQL to Data Warehouses or Repository Databases.

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