Keep track of your hospital's claims

From first notice to disposition and expenses, manage all medical malpractice, professional liability and general liability claims information.

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'Gain insights with reporting'

  • Produce reports to trend claim frequency and severity, determine defense costs and financial tracking.

  • Use dashboard tools to stay on top of budgets, minimize losses, and identify trends against incident and complaint data.

  • Split financials by claims, policies, defendants, or a combination to support your custom reporting needs.

'Information at your fingertips'

  • Integrate with Risk and Feedback software to proactively monitor potentially compensable events.

  • Configure forms that allow you to use the latest event data for file entry and easier management.

  • Log all actions to help track all activities, including who has viewed and changed claims files.

'Get a financial overview'

  • Define financial transactions and calculations, using automated features.

  • Monitor policy erosions to determine balances against aggregate and per claim limits.

  • Produce custom loss run reports for your TPA, actuary and finance departments.

'Implement workflow improvements'

  • Use automated reminders to reduce lag time and improve liability outcomes.

  • Manage cases throughout the lifecycle of potential and actual claims.

  • Leverage alerts to identify when your reserves or expenses may exceed your intended threshold.

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