Transform your policies and procedures into web accessible documents.

From single hospitals to multi-site organizations, all your policies and procedures are in one easy to access location and are always kept current. Staff can access the policies they need without needing to authenticate into the system.

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'Get the right tools for the right job'

  • Capture information such risk domain, risk owners, location of the risk, and its impact.

  • Submit, review and manage identified risks to help with your patient safety initiatives.

  • Focus on risk mitigation and distribute action items to risk owners for ongoing updates.

'Jump into preventative action'

  • Record recommendations to identify possible solutions from any level of the organization.

  • Document and track all ideas to expedite the path to success for similar future risks.

  • Create mitigation strategies with recommendations, action plans and follow-ups.

'Get ahead of your initiatives'

  • Identify, assess, mitigate and monitor stated practices and procedures to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Standardize risk assessments by rating events according to its level of likelihood.

  • Assign ratings at each state of the mitigation process to highlight improvement trends and isolate intervention opportunities.

'Keep an eye on things'

  • Use the Safety Alert tool to manage and distribute actions for recalls with documentation and guides.

  • Monitor tasks and action requests at a per-risk or organization level to ensure nothing is missed.

  • Share and track various scenarios, including policy updates and lessons learned, with improved communication features.

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