Turning event data into actionable intelligence to enhance delivery of safer care

Advanced incident reporting software that captures all types of incident data to inform quality improvement and is fully compliant with the new Patient Safety Incident Management System (PSIMS)

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About this module

The Incidents module allows your organisation to record events and near misses. This gives you the tools to identify areas of improvement and encourage a culture of safety in which staff feel safe to report concerns and protect patients from harm.

'Fast reporting and review'

  • Encourage incident reporting within your organisation with forms that align with the requirements of the organisation and reporter
  • Capture data relevant for internal improvement initiatives and regulatory compliance
  • Seamlessly submit incident data to regulatory agencies through built-in export functions and mapping to required datasets
  • Automated notifications throughout for reporters, whilst allowing reviewers to more efficiently manage their workload

'Full compliance with the Patient Safety Incident Management System (PSIMS)'

  • Automatically send incident reporting to PSIMS and start reducing your administrator burden
  • Capture higher quality and timely event data that supports improved organisational learning
  • More easily access safety event data for improvement efforts
  • Coming soon: Self-service and full-service options for organisations transitioning from the NRLS to PSIMS

'Triangulation of data'

  • Integrate with other data sources, such as patient, staff and event data to highlight connections between different processes
  • ​Allow the system to automatically identify relevant events from other sources across DatixCloudIQ

'Configurable views'

  • Users are only presented with event information relevant to their role 
  • Prioritise, administer and review events with configurable workflows and business logic    
  • Tailor the system to your local needs with extensive configuration and flexibility options to settings, access and behavior  
  • Role-based security access supports speedy management of large volumes of users and data

'Trend analysis and key performance indicators'

  • Identify and validate quality improvement processes and opportunities through powerful pattern and trend analysis tools.
  • Measure and monitor organisational key performance indicators
  • Easily interpreted data enables effective sharing of responsibility and learning, supported by full data access and task management functions.

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