Capture data, simplify workflows and highlight learning points

Capture and review all mortalities in one system to identify where improvements can be made to care

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About this module

Enhance your capturing of mortality data, simplify workflows and highlight key learning points with Mortality Review. A single dedicated module houses all relevant information, allowing structured processes based on local or industry standards.

'Combined data and trending'

  • Integrate your mortality review process with other systems to automate data feeds and support learning from deaths requirements.
  • Identify and validate improvement opportunities through powerful pattern and trend analysis tools, helping you to monitor organisational key performance indicators.

'Configure the system to your needs'

  • Multi-stage review processes enable thorough analysis required according to the review in question.
  • Easily configurable for administrators, with forms, methodologies and email templates designed as desired.
  • Organisation defined triggers and flags to progress records through the review process.

'Search and report on the data that you need'

  • You have access to all relevant information and documents in one system, which can be searched on and linked to other records.
  • Segregation of report data allows for easier reporting according to regulatory requirements, ensuring learning from deaths requirements are met.
  • Submit mortality data to relevant parties through export functions and mapping to required datasets
  • Build dashboards to present relevant data, allowing quick overviews of each stage, highlighting areas for immediate attention and visibility of the bigger picture.

'Follow appropriate methodologies and escalation paths'

  • Embed local and regulatory review methodologies so records are reviewed in the most appropriate manner.
  • Enable all mortalities to be reviewed locally with structured methodologies applied where appropriate.

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