Policy Management

Transform your policies and procedures into web accessible documents.

From single hospitals to multi-site organisations, all your policies and procedures are in one easy to access location and are always kept current. Staff can access the policies they need without needing to authenticate into the system.

Standardised Content

The PolicyStat solution involves converting all your policies and procedures into web pages, ensuring a consistent look and feel. The structured format allows you to find what you are looking for faster, eliminates the need to store and manage documents from across the organisation and provides a centralised place where staff can go to access the information they need quickly and easily.  
  • Standardise policy content and styling across locations  

  • Reflect policy revisions automatically across all sites  

  • Share a policy across multiple locations, as applicable 

Streamlined Search Capabilities

With your policies stored, the system indexes the content which allows our powerful search engine to find and display the information users need as quickly and efficiently. Search results are ranked from most relevant to least relevant based on the search criteria.  

  • Powerful search-as-you-type technology   

  • Rapidly displays information users need  

  • Every word of every document is searchable  

Approval Workflows

Managing policy reviews, making edits to policies and setting up approval workflows is all managed and coordinated within the PolicyStat software. The system supports scheduled policy reviews (e.g. Annual Review of Code of Conduct), as well as ad-hoc reviews. Approval workflows and archiving help you know the status of each and every policy in your library. Keeping policies current and easy for your staff to find reduces risks and eliminates surprises – you get the confidence and support you need to do more in less time.  

  • Automated review & approval process  

  • Configurable approval flows  

  • Approver dashboard, email notifications & reminders  

Compliance and Clinical Procedures Integration

  • Crosswalk policies and procedures to standards and regulations (The Joint Commision, CAP, HFAP, DNV, CMS CoP’s and others)  

  • Obtain continuously updated standards and regulations  

  • Receive automated email alerts and notifications  

  • Access to 16 public and private agencies/organisations with over 50+ Standards and Regulation's libraries 

  • Search evidence-based procedures and skills directly from RLDatix PolicyStat  

Advanced Reporting

Evaluate and improve policy library and staff compliance based on statistics from usage data.

  • Most common searches  

  • Policy selected after search  

  • Site usage over time 

  • Identify gaps in policy library  

Enhance your RLDatix Product Suite

Issues with policies and procedures are commonly identified as contributing factors to events, and in many cases will be identified as root causes to events that are captured in the RLDatix system.  Whether it be an outdated policy that guides staff to perform obsolete steps, missing policies that have staff act without standard guidance, or having conflicting policies can all contribute to adverse events, complaints, infections, and claims within an organisation.

Integrate RLDatix PolicyStat with other RLDatix products

The systems work together to keep policy managers informed of opportunities to develop or enhance policies that better support staff and ultimately helps patients receive the best and safest care possible.