Go beyond the simple capture and review of data

DatixCloudIQ from RLDatix helps you uncover issues and implement quality improvement processes to embed change. You have a memory of what works and why.

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Made up of five key toolkits, DatixCloudIQ houses powerful modules that work together to complete the continuous quality and improvement process that your organisation is striving for.

Datix CloudIQ Loop

Capture data

Collate insights into your organisation and share learning across all levels.



Adapt and customise the system to meet your organisation’s needs.


Drive improvements

Implement the right policies to provide better and safer care.



Interpret data and track KPIs to ensure transparency.


Measure processes

Track your organisation's policies, guidelines and compliance.


A collection of tools that help you capture data to start the learning process.

 - Actively record events and near misses to identify errors and unsafe practice and encourage a culture of safety.

Feedback - Incorporate patient and service user feedback and identify areas where quality and efficiency should be improved. 

Claims - Have all the necessary tools to manage the litigation process and review any incident or feedback data associated with the claim.

Mortality Review - Promote learning by capturing, reviewing and reporting all your mortalities in one system. 

Datix Anywhere - Capture key incident data on the go with image capture and voice recognition from a smartphone or tablet.



A collection of tools that enable you to understand and uncover the contributory factors which led to an adverse event. 

Enterprise Risk Manager - Gain visibility of risk throughout your organisation with tools to monitor, prioritise and mitigate them. 

Investigations Uncover the contributory factors that lead to incidents. Devise recommendations and implement actions to protect your patients.


A collection of tools that allow you to create improvement strategies across your organisation.

Recommendations & Controls 
- Define improvement strategies from contributory factors identified from investigations and risks. Apply controls to multiple risks to ensure contributory factors are managed.

Clinical Audit - Manage the clinical audit process and formally assess the value of recommended improvements. 



A collection of tools that allow you to embed learning into your organisation and ensure policies and controls are incorporated into improvement processes. 

Policies & Guidelines 
- Disseminate strategies throughout your organisation and ensure access to the most up-to-date documentation, promoting learning amongst staff.

Safety Alerts - Keep your staff informed at all times and ensure you are compliant with standards. Broadcast important safety information in an effective and efficient manner.


A collection of tools that allow you to assess whether an implemented change is working, ensuring a process of continuous improvement.

Compliance Assessment 
- Assess the effectiveness of internal policies, CQC standards, NICE guidelines and more. 

Safety Rounds - Ensure success in executive and safety rounds by delivering much-needed context to enable effective insight.


Identify clinical risks to intervene early and keep patients safe.

Get ahead with surveillance - Customize your organization’s surveillance with lab results, ADT, pharmacy and more.

Manage patient and staff data - Respond to early indication of sentinel events with critical decision support, based on best practices. 

Stay aware of critical infection events - View all your inboxes, alerts, outbreak warnings, and meaningful statistics from one place.

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Solutions for

Policy Management

RLDatix PolicyStat is a comprehensive cloud-based policy management solution that transforms your policies and procedures from across the organisation into an organised library of web accessible documents. From single hospitals to multi-site organisations, all your policies and procedures are in one easy to access location and are always kept current. Staff can access the policies they need without needing to authenticate into the system.

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It has become a highly valuable, strategic tool that enables us to ensure our entire healthcare environment is run efficiently.

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

RLDatix has a good reputation in the organisation and people have a high-level of confidence in the data that is produced from it.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Complete your quality improvement process with DatixCloudIQ.

Join the hundreds of healthcare providers around the world who are seeing results by using RLDatix to improve patient safety.