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RLDatix makes healthcare a safer, better experience for clinicians, staff and patients alike.

Safer Patients

Keeping your patients safe is our priority. Timely access to data helps prevent adverse events, cuts costs and improves your bottom line.

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Safer Workforce

Supporting a highly productive clinical workforce starts with processes that drive a transparent, consistent and empathic culture of safety.

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Safer Organisation

Streamlining and continuously improving your systems and processes is the best way to protect your organisation’s best assets – your people, operations and finances. 

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Journey to SAFER

RLDatix helps you integrate governance, risk and compliance functions to foster collaboration — leading to a more financially secure, high-performing organisation that inspires trust across all stakeholders. We offer a broad suite of solutions and services that help you proactively identify risk and build a consistent, transparent culture of safety.

West London NHS Trust

Discover how West London NHS Trust increased communication and collaboration to drive improvements in quality and patient safety.


West London NHS Trust is one of the most diverse providers of NHS mental and physical care in the UK. It provides mental, physical and community healthcare for children, adults and older people living in the three London boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham and Hounslow. 

Ealing Community Partners (EPC) is a joint venture between West London NHS Trust and Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) to deliver community health and care services for people in Ealing.


Align the incident and feedback management processes
Integrate tracking and monitoring of quality and patient safety
Embed a structured, consistent approach to root cause investigations of adverse events and complaints
Improve response time
"The implementation of DatixCloudIQ (DCIQ) has yielded significant benefits including increased incident reporting and faster response times. Most importantly, the technology has increased communication and collaboration.” 
- Zohaib Paracha, DatixCloudIQ Implementation Project Manager, West London NHS Trust 

Prior to implementation of DCIQ, the trust was reporting around 400 incidents per month. Once live with DCIQ, incident reporting increased, with the new Ealing Community Partners division reporting 250 incidents per month alone. 

200% increase in reporting levels across the entire Trust
50% reduction in average response times for complaints
70% of incidents are now closed within 30 days
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  • Governance
    Control risk by standardising internal processes, documentation and transparency. 
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  • Risk
    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights. 
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  • Compliance
    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues.
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