Safety Learnings

Engage staff in a positive learning culture for a safer organisation
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Ensure safer care and quality improvement through collective learning

  • Disseminate lessons learned and build a collaborative culture by enabling your workforce to share insights across your organisation.
  • Empower your staff to focus on key areas of learning and act quickly to make improvements.
  • Drive a collaborative learning culture by allowing users to provide their own examples, with clear and quick access to the most popular and viewed learnings across the organisation.

How Safety Learnings can help you

Triangulate learnings with other safety data

  • Generate a safety learning quickly and easily from within the module or from any incident or feedback record to triangulate key data.

  • Demonstrate for your workforce the links between care provided, incident and feedback records, and specific lessons learned.

  • Identify and implement improvements by linking learnings to certain locations, services or contacts.

Build a strong safety culture through shared learnings

  • Enable your staff to interact and vote on the most useful shared learnings with a community hub.

  • Encourage learning by providing your staff access to the safety learnings most relevant to them.

  • Make it easy for your workforce to engage in quality improvement by sharing the most popular and viewed learnings across the organisation.  

  • Celebrate your staff and create a supportive work environment by recognising positive instances of care and organisational excellence.

Recognise when things go right and wrong

  • Identify trends and themes across all parts of the organisation by recording both exemplary and adverse instances of care.

  • Use safety-related information and identified trends and themes to understand underlying factors in quality of care.

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