Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Statement 2020/2021

Our business

RLDatix is on a mission to change healthcare. We help organizations drive safer, more efficient care by providing governance, risk and compliance tools that drive overall improvement and safety. Our suite of cloud-based software helps organizations reduce healthcare-acquired infections, report on adverse events, and ensure patient safety learnings are deployed effectively and immediately through dynamic policy and procedure management.

RLDatix is truly global, with offices in London, Toronto, Chicago, Fairfax, Melbourne, Adelaide, San Jose and Riyadh, allowing us to be at the forefront of global patient safety and GRC movement. We envision a world where patients have access to the best and safest care possible and our team is made up of people who truly believe in what we do.

Our supply chains

RLDatix, as a software development company, operates within a low risk sector for modern slavery. The company suppliers’ range in services including, but not limited to, hosting providers, software, equipment (including electronics), business support services (telecoms, couriers, insurance and legal services) and contractors for services such as testing and development.

RLDatix acknowledges that some suppliers used by the business operate within high risk modern slavery categories. These suppliers are primarily used for the procurement of electronics and IT services such as hardware, software, phones and other devices.

Our risks

A supplier risk analysis identified that RLDatix has some suppliers who provide goods that are manufactured within supply chains recognised as having a high risk of modern slavery practices. Entities within these supply chains may produce physical devices such as computers and electronics or be involved in the manufacturing of components.

RLDatix acknowledges the work undertaken by suppliers in the risk assessment and mitigation of modern slavery risks within their supply chain. In 2018 an RLDatix supplier reported incidents of modern slavery practices as well as actions to mitigate any future risk.

RLDatix acknowledges that a business requirement for electronic products will continue to present a modern slavery risk within the company supply chain.

Minimising risk

RLDatix expects all suppliers, contractors and other business partners to follow a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. This approach should be embedded in their procurement processes, which provides for risk-assessment, due diligence and supplier auditing. RLDatix seeks to ensure that all relevant contractual arrangements place legally-binding obligations on suppliers to meet these standards and to allow for compliance auditing.

RLDatix partners with organisations that share our vision and can demonstrate compliance. A supplier code of conduct is being implemented to support compliance auditing and monitoring of supplier practices.

The RLDatix compliance and finance staff are aware of the requirements of the Modern Slavery laws as they apply to the various regions in which business in conducted. Further work will be undertaken to promote understanding and awareness throughout the organisation through wider internal communications on the subject. Additionally, RLDatix will continue to build appropriate requirements into policies and quality management procedures as part of the ongoing compliance monitoring process.


RLDatix will continue to publish a statement on the effectiveness of the modern slavery program within the business and monitor company supplier compliance.

Peter Holbrook, CFO, RLDatix
29th January 2021

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