Actively listen to patient and stakeholder feedback

Encourage event feedback to broaden engagement with quality improvement processes and identify areas where patient safety and quality can be improved

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About this module

Capture and actively listen to feedback from patients and all relevant stakeholders, allowing this to inform improvements to quality of care. The Feedback module provides a standardised process for managing all feedback records.

'Promote and effectively share learning'

  • Document all types of feedback quickly and efficiently via customisable forms that can be presented directly to patients and stakeholders online.
  • Data access, communication and task management functions support effective sharing of responsibility and learning.
  • Patterns and trends can be identified to inform improvement initiatives and visibility of how incident feedback can impact quality improvement across your organisation.

'Create a single source of information'

  • Collate all information and documents related to the event feedback, creating a central repository for all data.
  • View relationships between patient, staff, care records and other data to ensure you have all relevant information to support learning.
  • Submit feedback data to regulatory agencies directly from a single dataset, via built-in export and mapping functions.

'Tailor the system to organisational needs and workflows'

  • Your individual needs can be met with the option to extensively and flexibly configure the system through forms, settings and access rights.
  • Configure workflows according to your business logic, ensuring you can prioritise, manage and review stakeholder and patient feedback.
  • Automate notifications throughout for managers to ensure compliance with timescales, and for feedback reporters to receive standardised responses

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