Monitor, prioritise and mitigate risk throughout your organisation

Risk management tools to create engagement in safety and quality improvement with an enhanced oversight of healthcare risks

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About this module

Enterprise Risk Manager provides you with a complete view of all risk within your organisation, allowing you to proactively monitor and take mitigatory action against all risks.

'Proactively manage your healthcare risks'

  • Organisational-wide risk register hierarchy allows you to effectively manage risk wherever it arises.
  • A structured review process encourages engagement with risk at all levels of the organisation, with notifications to ensure reviews are timely and effective.
  • A standardised reporting and review process contributes to organisational memory by providing insight into risk history and past mitigation.

'Enhanced identification of risk and reporting'

  • Understand and identify the factors that contribute to risks manifesting in adverse outcomes and ensure appropriate mitigation is in place.
  • Powerful pattern and trend analysis tools allow you to analyse risks more thoroughly, devise quality improvement strategies and monitor key performance indicators.

'Effective organisational learning'

  • With individual task management functions and workflows, enable effective sharing of responsibility and learning.
  • Links to other modules means you can associate risks with other event data and information, providing you a more detailed view of how risk is affecting your organisation.
  • Identify the underlying factors contributing to a risk and make recommendations on quality improvement to learn as an organisation.

'Organisational oversight'

  • Real-time monitoring of data coming into the Capture modules provides you with immediate and up-to-date information on the success of current risk management strategies.
  • Streamline your presentation to executive teams such as risk register overviews and mitigation plans.
  • Escalate risks up through the organisation’s hierarchy providing oversight to appropriate levels.
  • A library of controls in place and gaps highlight how changes in practice and mitigation strategies have an impact on risk management across the organisation.

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