Engage staff in a positive learning culture

Learn from excellence and share patient safety learnings from all instances of care

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About this module

Learning quickly from all types of care is fundamental to a pro-active learning culture. The Safety Learnings module provides you with the ability to share and engage with safety information and learnings, ensuring quality improvement can be driven across every part of your organisation.

'Triangulate learnings with other safety data'

  • Efficiently and easily generate a safety learning from within the module or any incident or feedback record, creating a triangulation of data.
  • Visibility of all incidents and feedback records associated with a specific lesson learned provides staff a demonstrable link between all types of care provided.
  • Target learnings effectively by linking to locations, services and contacts, ensuring users can quickly identify and implement learnings.

'Create a positive and learning culture '

  • A community hub for good practice learnings, allows users to interact and vote on the most useful shared learnings.
  • Encourage engagement with the learning process at all levels by providing staff access to the safety learnings most relevant to them.
  • Clear and quick access to the most popular and viewed learnings across the organisation means being part of the quality improvement process is easy.
  • Create empowerment amongst staff and a supportive working environment by promoting positive instances of care and learning from excellence.

'Cohesive view of when things go right and wrong'

  • Recording of good and adverse instances of care allows evaluation of trends and themes across all parts of the organisation.
  • Deep dive into identified themes across all safety related information to analyse underlying reasons for quality of care.

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