Strategic Advisory Services

Meeting you where you are, getting you where you want to go

We understand every organization is different. We leverage the depth of our clinical experience and expertise to help you transform your unique system to achieve safer patients, a safer workforce and a safer organization.

Strategic Advisory Services is the consulting arm of RLDatix.

  • We assess your organization and partner with you to establish a comprehensive safety culture backed by data.
  • We support your healthcare organization in achieving operational excellence by providing a highly customizable experience.
  • We help you to make data driven decisions by ensuring our software is maximized to suit your needs from implementation throughout your organization’s lifecycle.
  • We enhance efficiencies and effectiveness either at the department level or at the enterprise level – we work together to identify your needs and how we can help.
Six Pillars

Comprehensive organizational safety begins with your team and your RLDatix advisors connecting these six pillars.

  • Process
    We examine current processes and perform a gap analysis to see what's working and what's not. 
  • People
    We take a pulse of your workforce to find out how invested staff are in the organization's direction and if they understand their individual role in moving forward.
  • Data
    We evaluate ways for data to move more effectively throughout your organization to reach the people who need it, both vertically and horizontally. 
  • Technology
    We maximize your use of technology and look for opportunities to integrate into everyday activities. 
  • Communication
    We observe how information is shared both formally and informally within your organization and identify intervention points to improve communication flow, accountability and next steps. 

  • Culture
    We strive to understand and assess your organizational culture from a safety perspective to increase movement toward a culture of empathy and transparency.  
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