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Prevent risk for the organizations you insure with a suite of trusted solutions that support your loss control and loss prevention services
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As an insurance carrier, we know you work hard every day for your members to reduce risks with loss control and loss prevention services. When things go wrong, not only do you help the provider work through the claim, you also bear the financial risk of the claim. At RLDatix, we supplement your loss control and loss prevention programs with software and services proven to reduce the number and severity of claims and shorten time to settlements. Most importantly, we help prevent events that result in claims.

How we help

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Prevent adverse events

Just as you set premium amounts by looking at historic data, our tools are designed to investigate safety incidents, learn from them and implement controls to prevent them from happening again. This event avoidance approach results in reduced financial, legal, reputational and regulatory risk for you and your clients.

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Manage events when they happen

Our evidence-based approach to communication with families, patients and providers after an adverse event helps you prevent litigation and loss and improve satisfaction and morale. RLDatix’s approach to the CANDOR model supports compassionate communication and a culture of safety and transparency. CANDOR is an essential investment when it comes to achieving zero harm in healthcare.

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Simplify and streamline claim processes

The healthcare industry is under tremendous pressure as it addresses and plans for new and emerging risks. With our integrated, technology-driven solutions, RLDatix helps standardize and streamline your claims management workflow for greater efficiency.

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    Lead with empathy and compassion using a comprehensive and highly reliable approach to patient and caregiver harm.

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  • Event Reporting

    Manage harmful events, near misses and unsafe conditions in a centralized system to access organizational harm reduction insights.

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  • Event Analysis

    Systematically investigate events to provide critical information to relevant stakeholders to immediately address issues and drive interventions.

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  • Policy Management Software

    Improve performance and compliance around your policies and procedures while mitigating risk.

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