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An enterprise-wide approach to keep you on top of risk and improve quality 
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Helping you stay ahead of risk - what you know can help you

  • Managing risk is everyone’s responsibility – our risk register software shares information across the organization for analysis and action.
  • Assess the likelihood and severity status through an initial risk matrix to prevent future occurrences.  
  • Support decision making with a consolidated view of risk that prioritizes and manages risks across the enterprise.
  • Define individual risk matrices and action plans to manage the risk within organizational constraints, policies, procedures and processes.  

How Enterprise Risk Manager can help you

Understand risks across your organization

  • Capture information about the risk – including domain, owners, location and potential impact.
  • Submit, review and manage identified risks to improve your patient safety initiatives.
  • Reduce your risk by keeping risk owners informed and involved with action items.

Implement solutions that prevent risk

  • Record recommendations from people at all levels to identify possible solutions.
  • Document and track all ideas to expedite the path to success for similar future risks.
  • Create mitigation strategies with recommendations, action plans and follow-ups.

Prioritize and focus on high-risk areas

  • Identify, assess, mitigate and monitor stated practices and procedures to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Standardize risk assessments by rating events according to their level of likelihood.
  • Assign ratings at each state of the mitigation process to highlight improvement trends and identify intervention opportunities.

Take action and track results

  • Use the Safety Alert tool to manage and distribute actions for recalls with documentation and guides.
  • Monitor tasks and action requests in multiple ways - at a per-risk or organization level. 
  • Use our built-in communication tools to share and track scenarios, including policy updates and lessons learned.

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