Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Learning from your patients is key to improving their experience
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Transform patient feedback into action

  • Connect with your patients across different points of care to collect and monitor their feedback to improve service and provide personalized care.
  • Turn what you learn from your patient survey data into higher quality and better outcomes for your patients, your staff and your organization.  
  • Use our surveys to capture the voice of your patients for a holistic understanding of patient experiences and areas to improve.

How Patient Satisfaction Surveys can help you

Increase patient engagement

  • Make surveys engaging with our library of interactive emoticons and questions that encourage submissions via email, kiosks and tablets.
  • Customize surveys with impactful questions that matter to your patients.

Increase patient loyalty with timely resolutions

  • Collect feedback from patients securely, anonymously and in real-time.
  • Flag and escalate responses that need immediate attention.
  • Identify negative survey responses and resolve issues before they become an adverse event or potential claim.

Use insights to increase patient satisfaction and experience scores

  • Conduct preliminary investigations to determine if a formal root cause analysis needs to be conducted.
  • Initiate a root cause analysis with just one click through the integration of Risk, Feedback and Policy.
  • View all action items and follow-ups associated with a root cause analysis centrally.
  • Easily construct a narrative with easy to digest timeline views.

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