Control your organization’s risk with standardized internal processes, better documentation and greater transparency
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Bringing people, data and processes together

A lack of organizational governance can lead to failures in risk management. Our healthcare governance solutions help you evaluate your risk by developing ongoing internal review processes and practices. 

With decades of experience, RLDatix partners with you to create a transparent, consistent and empathic culture of safety for your staff. We connect organizational silos, reduce risk, and ensure that compliance initiatives advance your goals and productivity. 

To establish a safer workforce, it’s crucial that you share data across teams. Our innovative solutions bring your people and organization together to work more efficiently, transparently and safely. By staying alert to adverse events, near-misses, or future incidents, you can safeguard your organization, workforce and patients. 

RLDatix is uniquely positioned to support healthcare organizations that seek to think bigger, broader, and safer. We can help you leverage actionable data, drive engagement and strive for an overall safer organization.

How we help

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Increase efficiencies and reduce workflow burdens

Especially at a time when healthcare organizations and workers are stretched thin, we can help you streamline manual processes to reduce workflow, regulatory burdens and costs.

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Reduce staff safety incidents and workers’ compensation costs

Our healthcare governance solutions foster a safe environment for reporting patient safety events or near misses and support your staff as they recover from these events.

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Reduce burnout

It’s never been more important to motivate and support your staff. Our solutions help you reallocate staff to high-value tasks and relieve them of manual “busy work” that leads to overtime, burnout, shortages and turnover.

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Decrease clinician turnover and related costs

The heavy toll of turnover and inefficiencies related to onboarding new providers is linked to reduced quality of care, lower patient satisfaction and increased malpractice lawsuits. Retain your staff by increasing engagement, providing training and offering support.

Explore our solutions

  • Credentialing & Privileging

    Provide credentialing, privileging and performance monitoring to ensure safe, high-quality patient care.

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  • Payer Enrollment
    Revolutionize Your Provider Lifecycle Management with RLDatix - Gain Transparency, Increase Margins, and Optimize Reimbursements with Integrated Payer Enrollment and Credentialing.
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  • Contract Management

    Mitigate risk, achieve efficiencies and leverage opportunities with our innovative, integrated contract management and credentialing platform.

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  • Peer Review

    Offer access to peer review data, ensure compliance with organizational standards and fulfill a key component of physician credentialing in one secure role-based system.

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  • Peer Support

    Offer a safe space to provide emotional first aid to peers, therefore improving workforce morale and protecting your organization from costly staff turnover and critical shortages.

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Other related solutions

  • Risk
    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights. 
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  • Compliance
    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues.
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