Make reviews a part of your workflow

Involve your staff by creating a transparent peer review process, allow for constructive feedback and store all your peer review data in one place.

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'Flexibility that meets your needs'

  • Set up a flexible workflow to accommodate your organization’s needs and blended frameworks.
  • Track ongoing reviews with notifications to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Add reminder dates for reviewers and providers of deadlines.

'Give your organization visibility '

  • Tailor peer reviews to suit different departments and committees with configurable fields (quality, chart review, etc.).

  • Securely distribute sensitive files while documenting your process.  

  • Use timeline views to follow the progress of your processes.

'Centralize your data'

  • Help physicians fulfill professional practice evaluations.

  • Drill into the details and review reports from various levels, including physician and aggregate levels. 

  • Use the dashboard to quickly and easily review all results in one view.  

'Create better workflows'

  • Optimize the referral, screening, development, review and disposition processes.

  • Use timeline views to describe events and quickly look up patient and staff data for each case.

  • Attach relevant documents and files, such as MRI images, to keep all your information together.

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