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Server Migration Services

Considering migrating your Database and Application servers to a newer version? Let RLDatix take on the technical work for you. We will migrate the SQL Database to its new destination, migrate the legacy applications to new servers, copy any application configurations, work with your team to ensure interfaces are connected properly and users are redirected. During this project, we can also update your software to the latest version of the RL Suite.

Software Update Services

Get help updating to the latest version of the RL Suite. Our team of experts can help you update quickly, while also getting your System Administration team up to speed on the latest features quickly and effectively.

FIM Exports/Imports

Export data from your system to a data warehouse or PSO on a regular schedule and import external data into the RL Suite with RLDatix’s File Interchange Module.

System Health Checks

Get a pulse on how well you are utilizing your software with a comprehensive system health check. We will help you identify where you can make improvements to your workflow, configurations, reports and more.

System Administration Training

Reduce the burden of staff turnover, learn how to better design reports, and much more. RLDatix system administrator training helps you become an expert in the RL Suite.

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